Demise of Ginette Lefever, passionate supporter of the Iranian Resistance in France

Passionate Ashraf supporter
Ginette Lefever

Passionate Ashraf supporter Ginette Lefever

-On October 16, 2005, Mrs. Ginette Lefever, a passionate and memorable supporter of the Iranian Resistance died after suffering a brain seizure. Ginette was a school teacher, a human rights activist, an equality and women rights advocate, a poet and a writer. On June 17, 2003, when the disgraceful coup against the Iranian Resistance initiated, she rushed to Mrs. Rajavi’s residence to defend Maryam and the Iranian Resistance.  She attended many conferences, demonstrations, meetings and speeches to confirm the Iranian Resistance’s legitimacy. She showed her deep feelings of solidarity with the Iranian Resistance by taking a handful of Ashraf soil and presenting to Mrs. Rajavi as a gift. Following the passing of Mrs. Lefever, the Iranian Resistance President-elect wrote: “History will bear witness that Ginette and honorable French men and women in Auvers-sur-Oise, Merrie and Val-d’Oise and across France who have devoted their lives and love supporting the Iranian Resistance, will write golden pages of history of freedom and human rights advocacy”.