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Oil Industry Workers’ General Strike in Abadan

Workers of Oil Industry in Abadan
Workers of Oil Industry in Abadan
On Oct. 18, 1978, simultaneous with soaring anti-Monarchial uprising, workers and staffs of the Iranian National Oil Company drove the Shah’s government in a dilemma by their general and solid strike. The strike was started at a condition that the government of Sharif Emami (then premier) was trying to persuade the workers to abandon their strike by increase of wages and pay rise. But they announced their solidarity with the Iranian people’s campaign for freedom and refused the offer of wage increase and called it a trick. Their strike was a heavy blow to decayed structure of dictatorship in Iran. The knowledgeable oil industry workers of Iran have always been actively present along with the people’s movement of our nation as they were a firm stronghold for the Nationalist government of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq during his Premiership.


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