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September 23 : Beginning of the New School Year in Iran

Beginning of the New School Year in Iran
Beginning of the New School Year in Iran
Every year the bells of the Schools and most of the higher education institutions and universities are rang all over in Iran in the Iranian month of Mehr (late September). The school (primary school) as it is today was first founded by Mirza Hasan Rashidieh in Iran in the City of Tabriz in 1888. Later it was founded in Tehran and other big cities in Iran. During the rule of the Mullahs anti-Iranian regime that most of the national revenue is spent on the suppression of the people especially the students, education and training and higher education has had a downward trend. Instead of education a tide of suppression and increasing social disasters has basically targeted the youth in Iran. Street children, fugitive girls, 600 thousand arrest per year, which according to the regimes survey most of them are at the ages between 19 to 25 and of which 30% are the youth under 18; the wave of execution of the youth and children who are executed brutally by the savage regime, or flogged in the public or shown in the streets to humiliate them; or 60% of the addicted in the country who are children from ages 14 to 16, or 10 million Iranian youths who are unemployed, and about one thousand, six hundred and sixty youths who commit suicide every year because of poverty are examples of these social desasters.


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