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How to receive PMOI website via mobile:
You may receive latest updates on Iranian Resistance by your mobile or any other portable internet device.
What you just need to do is to add the following address in the browser of your mobile or your other internet device, so you can have access to the “PMOI website” on your mobile:

Mobile News
Q: Is it possible to use all types of mobile?
A: No. You may use mobiles that could be connected to internet and do have the necessary software.

Q: I can get the mobile screen, but the articles are not readable.
A: This service provides access to PMOI website in three languages: English, Farsi and Arabic. If your mobile (or internet device) cannot show the fonts, you should contact the company and ask for installing the software for the language you need.
Should the problem still exist, or you have further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.